Eats form the Street Teesside Park

Back in the beginning when I first started this blog, my main goal was to share my love for my local community and document the lovely eating places I discover along the way. Although small, Middlesbrough is a fantastic area for events and one thing in particular that I’ve been loving over this past year is the monthly farmer’s markets taking place across the North East. Here I’ve been able to purchase homemade and locally grown produce right on my doorstep. I believe in supporting independent traders and much prefer the quality products they have to offer.  View Post

Little Doves KU Bar

I’ve been really enjoying checking out local bands recently, as you’ll know from my post about Two Blue Band the other week. Last weekend I went to watch another one of my friend’s boyfriend’s bands play at KU Bar in Stockton. Little Doves is a new band on the block made up of four talented musicians – Dan, Luke, Jonny and Ian. With a combination of guitars, drums and vocals, the band channels an indie/rock and roll sound that makes you want to sing and dance along with them.  View Post

Hot Drinks from Barwicks Coffee Bar, Portrack Lane

Portrack Lane in Stockton isn’t a place I would usually associate with nice places to eat or drink. Having previously worked on Portrack Lane with only Asda, Greggs and McDonalds within walking distance for lunch, I’ve never had much reason to go back when we moved premises. However, it wasn’t until recently me and my mam found out about Barwick’s Coffee Bar, situated in the car park of Collectables, right next to Jump 360.  View Post

Vadah Indian Restaurant, Stockton

Today I’m writing a review of an Indian restaurant I visited in Stockton a couple of weeks ago called Vadah. Perfectly situated by the River Tees creating a picturesque setting for an evening meal, Vadah is a place I had been wanting to try for a good few months. After a number of rave reviews from some friends, I finally got around to trying it for myself.  View Post

Nosh Healthy Kitchen - Skinny Parmo

Although it’s just a small part of the UK, the North East of England has a lot to offer its locals and visitors alike. Today I’m talking about one of the greatest things to come from Teesside and that is the mighty Parmo!  View Post