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Osiris facial scrubAbout a month ago, I graced the tiles of Lidl in a bid lower the cost of my weekly food shop. Now that I’ve got my own house, I finally realise how expensive food shopping can really be (sorry mam!), so after many recommendations to visit Lidl or Aldi for low priced yet high quality produce, I decided to test it out for myself. Never in this world did I think I would be faced with a skincare product priced at 99p that I genuinely feel has transformed my skin into a silky smooth haven.

The product is by a brand called Osiris, which as far as I’m aware, is a brand exclusively available at Lidl. The scrub I picked up is designed to give you clean and healthy skin – I thought at just 99p I might as well give it a go as I was in need of a new exfoliator for my face. I’ve always been a bit iffy with exfoliating scrubs as some contain harsh micro beads which are incredibly harsh on your skin. This this product, I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing it made my skin feel.

Lightly scented with apricot, the scent genuinely reminds me of the double dip dab sherbet you used to get when you were a kid! When using this scrub, I dampen my face slightly then squeeze a small dollop onto my hands and work it into my face. There’s something about this scrub that is so therapeutic; I’m not sure if it’s the scent, the gentle micro beads massaging the skin or the buttery soft cream in the scrub that makes your skin feel great. With scrubs I’ve used in the past, I found them pretty difficult to wash off my face afterwards – it’s as though they just don’t want to budge! However, the apricot Osiris scrub is lightweight and rinses off with little effort.

Would you ever try a supermarket-branded skincare or beauty product? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Lauren

    I’ve always considered picking up something from the Lidl beauty section, but was always a bit wary! I think I might try this out though, I love a good facial exfoliator!

    Lauren x

    • I pretty much picked it up on a whim and I didn’t have high hopes but it really is one of the best scrubs I’ve tried πŸ™‚ Let me know if you give anything a go πŸ™‚ xx

  • I’ve never bought a skincare products from Lidl before, but I’m rather intrigued by this. 99p is a bargain! πŸ™‚ x

    • I know! I wasn’t expecting a lot from it to be honest and I was pleasantly surprised πŸ™‚ I’ve read some pretty good reviews about their other skincare products too xx