Nike trainers

This is my fourth and final instalment of my fitness diary where I’ll fill you in on what exercise I’ve been doing in an attempt to become stronger and more toned. I’ve really stepped up my game this week with my workouts as I go on holiday on Wednesday and will be doing very little exercise whilst I’m away! How amazing are the new trainers I picked up at the weekend? I’m in love!  View Post

Primark Holiday Haul

With a matter of days now until I jet off to Turkey, I decided to head down to Primark for some last minute holiday bits. I always end up forgetting something but this year I’ve tried my best to be organised with my packing in hope to prevent over-packing my suitcase with unnecessary stuff and forgetting those niggley essentials. Spending less than £20, I thought I’d write a post to show you what I bought to hopefully stop you from forgetting anything on your own holidays this summer.  View Post

Kayla Itsines Training Guide

Last week was a little different to usual weeks in the gym as I’ve now got a gym buddy! This meant I spent a bit more time showing my friend the ropes on how to use some of the machines and showing her what kind of workouts I usually do. It’s been nice to have someone there to push and motivate you to keep going. Enjoy! View Post

Chocolate Drizzle Flapjack

Last weekend I got my bake on and decided to make some flapjacks. I’ve never made them before so I thought I’d have a go seeing as though they are a slightly healthier option apposed to your cakes and cookies (I’d like to think so anyway – hello oats & dates!). Considering it was my first try and I went off my own made-up measurements, my flapjacks tasted pretty good despite being a little dry. I think I added a few too many oats so I’ve adjusted the recipe below to make them perfect. Here’s what you need and how to do it…  View Post

Fitness progress diary

This week I’m back with my second installment of my fitness progress diary. I’ve got a little over 2 weeks until my holiday now so I’m stepping up my game and trying to work out as much as I can. Below you can see what type of exercises I’ve been doing and the highlights from the week – hope you enjoy! View Post