7th Heaven Face Masks Montagne Jeunesse

I’m certain the majority of you will have seen this range before but today I’m taking the time to give this brand the recognition it deserves – 7th Heaven, I’m looking at you! I’ve been using these face masks for years as they were a vital part to any girly sleepover in the 90s. Now I’m 23, these face masks are still my favourite thing to use when I want a good ol’ pamper session. View Post

MAC Haul

Would you believe before this mini haul, I only owned one MAC lipstick? I bought the shade ‘Pink Pearl’ a few years back whilst I was visiting Edinburgh and was let loose in Harvey Nichols for the first time. It seemed obligatory to make a purchase at the MAC counter to mark the occasion. Back then I was young and knew nothing about make-up (I’m not much better now!) so I picked a colour that stood out to me but didn’t necessarily complement my skin. I’ve used the lipstick on the occasional night out but don’t reckon much to the shade. It wasn’t until last November whilst I was in Budapest that I decided to venture into MAC and pick up a few things now I’ve got a better idea on what colours suit me best.  View Post

Magnitone Barefaced Cleansing Brush

Last month I was kindly sent the limited edition Barefaced! cleansing brush by Magnitone to trial and review. Cleansing brushes have taken the skincare industry by storm these past couple of years and I too have been sucked into the whirlwind craze!  View Post

The Clothes Show Live 2015

For years I have longed to visit The Clothes Show but the daunting journey down to Birmingham has always put me off. This year I made it a priority to go and see what it was all about and what discounts I could get. We set off at 6:45am for the long journey ahead. The 350 mile round drive meant setting off early to avoid the rush hour and to make the most of our day. We arrived shortly after 11am on Friday morning and were pleasantly surprised by the lack of queues.  View Post

Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer

Over the last few years I’ve been taking baby steps into the big, slightly intimidating, world of beauty and one of the things I’ve never really tried is a primer. It wasn’t until recently I was unhappy with the way my foundation just wasn’t staying put on my face and I was struggling to achieve that flawless look that everyone else seems to have mastered. Whilst I’m not saying I’ve suddenly discovered the secret to flawless skin, I’ve definitely seen a difference in the way my skin looks. View Post