Fake Bake Lip Inflate

Over the last few years, my love for beauty has grown dramatically. Slowly but surely I’ve been learning how to apply eye shadow properly and perfecting my liquid eyeliner application technique – I’m getting there! After buying my first Charlotte Tilbury lipstick last year and being gifted my first Urban Decay Vice lipstick from my lovely friends Jade & Gordy, I’ve become a little obsessed with lipstick. It’s amazing how much a lipstick can both complement and change your look. Now that I’ve started to experiment more with lipstick, I’ve noticed how much my terrible lip-biting habit is, meaning my lips are constantly chapped. Not only this, my lips are really small too which means I don’t get the finished look that I want. I’d love for my lips to be a little bit bigger but I’m not the type to get cosmetic surgery. I’m not against it but for me personally I don’t think I would go to such extremes. Fortunately I came across a lip plumper that promises the same effects as without the risks and high cost of lip fillers so I decided to give it a go. View Post

Gym kit - Realistic Fitness Goals and Tips on How to Start your own Fitness Journey

Since starting a career which requires me to spend long periods of time sitting at a desk, working out has really helped me to stay active, relieve stress and keep in shape. During 2016 I managed to achieve and maintain a body shape I’m relatively happy with. No one’s ever completely satisfied with the way that they look but I’m definitely the most body confident I’ve ever been. With a new year comes a new perspective, I don’t like to set resolutions so instead I’m going to set some realistic goals for me to work towards in 2017.  View Post

Pornstar martini

I’m back with my first post of 2017 which is a very appropriate, cliche reflection post of the last year. I was umming and ahhing about writing this one as I was glad to see the back of 2016 and start afresh. I didn’t feel like I had a great year but it’s always good to reflect and be grateful of the positive things that happened. View Post

Ferris Wheel London

IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE! My blog has seriously lacked Christmas posts this December and I’m sorry about that! Whilst it looks like I’ve been a bit of a scrooge, I’ve actually being gallivanting to try and visit as many Christmas markets as I can. The best part about a Christmas market for me is the twinkly lights, the jolly atmosphere and the hearty food! I don’t tend to buy an awful lot from the markets as I usually get most of my gifts online but I love to take in the festive atmosphere nonetheless. This year I’ve visited local markets such as the Stewart Park Frost Fair and the Luxury Christmas Fayre at Gisborough Hall as well as markets further afield like the Berlin Christmas markets and Winter Wonderland in London which is what I’m talking about today. View Post

Berlin christmas decorations at the markets

Today’s post was supposed to be one to get people in the Christmas spirit and for me to reflect on the amazing trip I had to Berlin last month. Unfortunately this post is overshadowed by the horrific terror attack that took place at the Christmas market in Breitscheidplatz on Monday night. After being at that exact market just three weeks ago, it sends chills through me and has really stopped me in my tracks for writing what was supposed to be an exciting post. Whilst in Berlin, the capital of Germany, it felt like one of the safest cities I’ve ever been to. My heart goes out to the poor victims who were wrongly killed so close to Christmas and to all who were injured. I wish the cruelty in this world would just stop; just when you think we’re over the worst, something else comes along to cause more tragedy.  View Post